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The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature and Zara Gallery represents


"Reviving Fossils"


A collection of silver jewellery handmade by the village woman of Dana Nature Reserve, designed by artist and architect Ammar Khammash


Saturday, November 2nd, 2002 at

6 p.m., at Zara Gallery, Grand Hyatt Amman Exhibition runs until November 9th,2002


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Prehistoric whales discovered

First marine mammal from the eocene of Jordan


Iyad Zalmout, Hakam Mustafa and Philip Gingerich- University of Michigan and Yarmouk University


Full Story...


From Science, 21 Sept. 2001

Vol. 293 No. 5538



Fossils of still unidentified animal might add new contribution to Jordan's Paleontology.

Help in identification needed...






Flap of Mesozoic marine reptile, Mosasaurus, found in Jordan's eastern desert identified.

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Pella Museum has been invited to participate in an exhibition of museum posters " Museums and Globalization "

held on the occasion of the Museum International Day at the National Museum of Costa Rica on May 18th 2002.

The submitted poster contribute to efforts of museums to conserve and protect the cultural and natural inheritance of the humanity, generating different benefits for the people.


The poster gives the following message:


Landscape of Diversity

- Biodiversity
- Cultural Diversity
- Economic Diversity
- Political Diversity


Protecting the fragile differences,
the global unread archive, from landscape-illiterate Globalization.


For regional "Landscape Literacy".



A fragment of a sea turtle was recently discovered (Feb 2002) east of Azraq. The complete turtle would have measured up to 90 cm when it was alive in the sea around 100 million years ago.So far this is the first known specimen of sea turtle found in Jordan. More info …


A wide variety of fossils can be found in the loose silt and clay to  the west of the town of Naour. See Na'our Gryphaea.



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